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Hair loss after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon that occurs in almost all women. For most women the hair loss usually peaks approximately three months after delivery. Six to twelve months after delivery your hair will return to normal, the way they were before your pregnancy period. So if you have just given birth and are experiencing hair loss, you need not worry. Go on and read this article and find out why this happens and what you can do to take of your hair.

Hair Growth Cycle

Let us begin by understanding your hair growth cycle. Under normal circumstances, around 90% of your hair is in the growing phase while 10% is in the resting phase. Every two or three months your resting hair will fall out and new hair will start to grow in its place. Therefore, under normal circumstances it is normal to lose around 100 strands of hair per day.

Hair Change During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant your body goes through lot of changes. The hormonal changes, more specifically the increased level of estrogen, in a pregnant woman's body causes the hair to go into a strong growth phase. Therefore, pregnant women do not lose hair that they would normally lose. Result is thick and healthy hair. You must have heard pregnant women being complimented on their healthy, thick and shiny hair.

Hair Change After Pregnancy

Once the child is born, your body will again go through hormonal changes. A huge percentage of your hair that was in the growth phase will now go into resting phase and thus you will experience hair loss after pregnancy. Almost as much as 60% of your hair can enter into the resting phase after delivery. The increased hair fall can alarm you just as it does many women. However, you have to understand that your hair loss after pregnancy is a sign that your body is returning to normal.

Hair should be a part of your existent and after pregnancy care. Taking proper care of your hair will reduce your hair loss. Follow these very helpful hair care tips to ensure that you look good after pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor to maintain a proper hormonal balance in your body.
Your diet should include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
Talk to your doctor about taking nutritional supplements.
Shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica are good for your hair.
Avoid tight pigtails, hair weaves, hair rollers, etc. as this can cause stress to your hair.
Do not comb your wet hair with a fine comb.
Avoid stress during and after pregnancy.

Knowing beforehand what your body will go through during and after pregnancy will help you take better care of yourself. You will be in a better position to deal with issues like sex after pregnancy, contraception, breastfeeding, etc. Therefore, read as much as you can about various issues relating to pregnancy, including hair loss after pregnancy.

Hair loss after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon and one that you can easily deal with proper hair care tips. Learning about various issues related to pregnancy period will help you deal better with all the changes that your body will go through during and after pregnancy. Other issues such as sex after pregnancy might also be playing on your mind. Don't worry, be happy. For more information visit pregnancy-period.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy Is A Normal Part Of The Whole Pregnancy Process

Hair Loss After Pregnancy