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Hair Loss

The hair is regarded as the crowning glory of an individual. After all, it is the first thing that gets noticed by the people around you. The hair is said to be one of the proofs of beauty alongside with the teeth and the nails. But then, here comes the truth about hair loss. Those who experience hair loss at a very tender age somewhat get panic-stricken. Hair loss becomes very obvious and if it continuously gets ignored, the worst should be expected. It is none other than baldness. You would not want to get bald most especially if you are under the age of 30! How can you go on with your daily routine with a little hair on your head? How can you face the world when in fact you've got the biggest problem in your life?

Hair loss is literally an accepted fact these days. As in the case of men, they have accepted that at a certain age they will be facing hair loss problems. But then it is a different case with women. There is nothing scarier than realizing that you are suffering from hair loss. How would you face your everyday habit with a bothersome hair loss dilemma? When you start noticing that your hair gets thinner everyday, you start to panic. But before you take some drastic measures; be sure to first research about its possible causes. Some of the most common factors that prompt hair loss are aging, heredity, poor blood circulation, weight loss, hormones, faulty immune system, stress, vitamin deficiency, under active thyroid glands, and diabetes. If you suffer from any of these, you can probably trace the root cause of everything. If you are unsure of the real cause of your hair loss, why not get professional help?

The hair is a clear mirror that shows whether the human body contains enough nourishment or not. An oily hair indicates vitamin B insufficiency, a dry or brittle hair shows that there is fats deficit, a dull color of the hair and its poor growth visibly signal the lack of zinc and the frequent hair loss may indicate that there are vitamin C, lysine, iron, and vitamin B1 deficiencies.

There have been several recognized factors that are associated with hair loss. One of which is an under active thyroid gland. There are many cases wherein the thyroid gland is the main root of all. As everybody knows, the thyroid gland is a major component of the endocrine system. It is responsible for producing various hormones that motivate the diverse functions of the body. Now if what you have is an under active thyroid gland, the necessary hormones that will keep the hair healthy and strong will not be produced.

Hair loss is typically related to fluctuations in the hormone production. Both men and the women are subjected to hair loss especially if their thyroid glands fail to work double time. Often referred to as hormonal hair loss, this dilemma is set permanently for the males than for the women. The hair loss problem can be solved by the application of the rightful treatments. Therefore, if the cause of the hair loss is a thyroid disease, make sure that you undergo a series of therapy to correct whatever it is that needs to be straightened out. You should not also drastically use hair loss shampoos if you are not sure if it will work for you. It will not do you any harm if you get the help of the expert. It may cost you some dollars but there is no better way that it.

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Thyroid and Hair Loss