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Hair contributes greatly to our looks and appearances. The aspects of hair that affect these elements include their colour, neatness, distribution and even length. These are but a few of the elements that distinguish individuals; some have darker hair compared to others, others keep it short. Others keep it short while others long.

The process of hair growth must be put into perspective before the issues surrounding its loss are addressed. Normally, the growth cycle ranges from two to three years. This means that at any given time, it is either growing or it is being shed off. In between the two phases of growth there is the resting phase. The part that is shed off is usually replaced by 'new hair'. However, the rate at which it is lost and replaced differs from person to person.

Loss of hair affects both men and women. This may be inherited while other forms may be either as a result of diseases or chemical imbalances in the body. Age is also an important determinant in the process of losing it. Depending on the cause and other factors that are specific to the individual, losing hair is a process that could be reversed, for instance if lost at puberty may last a few years before it stops.

This problem can be addressed by medical practitioners known as dermatologists. They can help in identifying the underlying causes of loss and thinning that stems from other reasons other than genetic reasons. The dermatologists do this by diagnosing and treating conditions that contribute to its unexplained loss and thinning. They can also conduct biopsies on your scalp in order to delve further into the possible causes of the loss.

Individuals experiencing hair loss must be aware that inasmuch as medication may be the solution to their problems, some may be the cause of the problem. Side effects of some forms of medication may lead to serious loss of hair. In such cases, this loss can be said to be a side effect rather than a condition. For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments tend to experience this to a very large extent. However, this may not be permanent as it grows back within a year of such treatment.

Hair loss affects different individuals in different ways. It may occur in patches of different sizes on individuals' scalps. This may be temporary or permanent and it affects both men and women. Among women, this affects the top of their heads and the sides. This is usually common after the menopause period.

The problem of losing hair among women can be a devastating issue. For example, if a woman experiences complete baldness it may be devastating. This can be due to the fact that, there is a strong link between femininity and hair; and therefore its complete loss may be seen as loss of femininity. Furthermore, it is hair that has been considered to be a woman's rich source of desirability and beauty.

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Hair Loss: Causes And Remedies

Hair Loss